Social Policy Academy is fuelled by the training experience, the research know-how, the international network, reputation and the social values of KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre, a leading research and educational organisation with more than 43 years of experience in the fields of:



aiming at empowering people and tackling the roots of vulnerability working on crucial topics such as migration, gender, bullying, discrimination, hate speech and violence.



focusing in the areas of education, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, employment, social impact assessment, human and fundamental rights, care and well-being.

Social services

by promoting mental health, counter human trafficking, foster employability, fight poverty and combat all forms of bullying.

KMOP has 11 offices in 7 countries,
more than 100 employees
and 20.000 beneficiaries
in the last 15 years.

 Today, it runs more than 60 EU funded projects including three Horizon programmes. Having worked together with over 30 European Universities in developing and implementing social research and educational programmes the organization has a developed a strong collaborative and partnership relationship with the academia. Since 1988, 16,500 people have been trained through its programmes forming a big community already having been benefited from its educational related activities.

Within this context, KMOP has developed an extensive education related background which among others the following can be noted:

An online platform,

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Its anti-bullying educational programme

has been certified by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and presented in various international conferences as best practice in coping with the bullying phenomenon.

Moreover, KMOP has a strong presence in the field of social action and strong links with social economy actors international NGOs and a wide network of partners and social initiatives. It is also an active member, currently holding their vice presidentship, of the Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (COFACE), with 50+ member organisations in 23 Member States.

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